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  • Does my organization need to pay for product upfront?
    No, A bill of Sale is issued at the end of Fundraiser when product is delivered with total team profits. Check can be turned in at delivery or mailed to Players Choice.
  • Who is Players Choice Fundraising?
    Players Choice Fundraising is a company that has been helping teams and schools all over South Jersey raise as much money as possible with a variety of Fundraising options!
  • Can my organization host a fundraiser for individual players to raise funds for their own accounts?
    We recommend that all fundraisers be a team effort to max out the money you raise! To get more information on how to do a fundraiser for individual accounts email us at
  • Are Fundraisers only online?
    With each fundraiser, we provide the opportunity to fundraise both in person where we provide order forms and envelopes as well as online. For the customers that do not want to use checks or use cash to support your team, can now check out through your virtual store! Some products in your store will ship directly to customers so you can have the support of your friends and family from around the country.
  • Do you need a booster club to do a fundraiser?
    The short answer is no. The better answer is that a booster club will make all of your fundraising efforts smoother for both coaches and players!
  • How to Contact Players Choice Fundraising?
    Email us at or call us at 609-975-9553
  • Do products get shipped to team?
    At the end of every sale all ship to school orders are broken down by player/student and delivered to team at a set time for easy pick up. All ship to home products are shipped directly to customer.
  • How do Incentives work?
    Incentives can be built into the individual fundraiser at the teams request!
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